The Philippine Native Chicken

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Laboratory Facility & Equipment

With years of quests for the development of inputs and technologies for the commercial production of native chickens, the Central Philippine University Research Station for Philippine Native Chicken acquired equipment and established facilities intended for this purpose. We are opening our laboratory to researchers and raisers who like to avail of our services. This state-of-art equipment enables us to accomplish what we have now and more to come. If you knew someone who might be needing our assistance, please share our website with them. 

The University Research Center for Product Development is a unified laboratory where various biological studies are conducted. We have the tools necessary to handle both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. This laboratory can perform tests on a variety of microorganisms, from non-pathogenic to pathogenic. 


The ability of this laboratory to conduct tests involving animal blood analysis is further enhanced by the presence of hemato- and biochemical analyzers. Studies related to the reactions of animals to certain treatments affecting their blood component can be carried out at our station. The use of this equipment not only for humans but for animal applications is popularity gaining interest among animal scientists. It is one way of advancing science toward the in-depth analysis of reactions among treated animals. 

We have the animal house where the in vivo tests for developed phytomedicines were performed. It used to follow the protocols for the Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. It is equipped with a Chicken Isolation Chamber, Individual Ventilated Cages, and Dual Animal Work Station. The researchers can work without hesitation on the spread of microorganisms in the environment. 

There is enough space in the laboratory for researchers who want to conduct their research there. It is furnished with four 2.5 hp air conditioning units to maintain the necessary temperature while conducting studies. The sample must go through the pass box in order to avoid contamination. A restroom, a decontamination room, and a quarantine room are included to guarantee the security of each stakeholder using our facility.

Our lab has processing tools for dehydration, essential oil production, and drying at extremely low temperatures (-45 degrees Celsius). A pilot commercial production can be done with the current capacity. As a result, research findings with commercial value can be produced in large quantities.

Our production facility's existence distinguishes us from the competition. The outcomes of our research are immediately put to use with our animals. To ensure a higher level of effectiveness when applied in the field, any deviations from what should be are adhered to in our lab. On this note, we cordially invite you to visit our research facility located on the Central Philippine University Campus in Jaro, Iloilo City.

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