The Philippine Native Chicken

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Reference Materials

In the contemporary era, it is very simple to gain access to the reference materials needed for the commercial production of native chicken. The various digital copies can be acquired through various means. At Philippine Native Chicken, the creation of these materials is accompanied by years of research. The presentation's formats were developed through participant feedback and suggestions, as well as those of other raisers we knew. This is done to make sure that every raiser from every walk of life can use the materials we produced.

The reference materials are presented according to a topic so that the raiser can choose the one on which she or he needs them the most. Each subject is covered in an electronic book, an audiobook, and a video book. Both an English and a Tagalog version are available. Other raisers can choose from a variety of options in the store if they wanted a bundle.

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In order to carry out the project on the commercial production of native chicken, reference materials are essential. It will act as your comprehensive guide for starting up and troubleshooting operational issues. If you're interested in purchasing any of the reference materials there, click the Shop button.