The Philippine Native Chicken

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Ideas in Starting the Enterpise

Most people who started raising native chickens had the mindset that it was simple to raise them. Rarely will you hear someone say that they raised native chickens in order to reach a certain income level? The video that follows discusses how to persuade the farmer to continue using the local chicken as his or her primary source of income.

The initial step in keeping this poultry is having a clear mindset about raising Philippine Native Chicken on a commercial scale. The project's design comes next. It deals with how you set up the various production-related buildings so that they are aesthetically pleasing and have room to grow in the future. The video that follows explains this idea.

The video below explains the variations in production technologies in case you're still not sure about the size of your farm when you design it—whether it should be on a commercial or backyard scale. It will give you insight into your options. The uncertainty in our minds is what will prevent us from pursuing the potential goal of raising the native chicken.

The following video discusses the innovations created at Central Philippine University in case you decide to pursue commercially raising Philippine Native Chicken. The technology packages that will come after are crucial for ensuring greater business success. Always take into account the technical assistance you required the most during the implementation.

As soon as it is clear from your end which technology packages should be adopted, housing design will begin. Below is an explanation of the specific characteristics of the housing in Philippine Native Chicken. Please click on the BREEDER HOUSE and BROODER-GROWER HOUSE blueprint if you're interested in getting the plan.

The number of people who will participate in the proposed enterprise is the next factor to be taken into account after the housing design. Keep in mind that the number of chickens that each caregiver is responsible for should be considered. Your project may have too many or too few people. See the video below for more information.

Your guide to further boosting your profit level can be locating the ideal market for the products. Finding a place to sell your goods is currently a problem. For guidance, kindly click the video below.

Another factor to take into account is the project's management. A 20% success rate for the project's implementation is attributed to the technology packages. Management accounts for the remaining portion. For more inspiration, let's watch the video below.

Where to find your initial breeding stocks of native chickens is discussed in the video that follows. To learn more, please click the button below.

The question is now: Do you have any experience identifying breeding stocks with desirable characteristics that are significant from an economic standpoint? The following video then discusses the concepts of knowing and choosing breeding stocks.

We might not be able to provide all the learning opportunities you required, but if you'd like to watch more videos, click the button below or HERE to access them.

Still looking for details?

It is very feasible to raise a local chicken as your primary source of income. People from all walks of life can raise this species of farm animals in essence. Please click the button below if you require additional information.