The Philippine Native Chicken

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What Do the Philippine Native Chicken Have?

Ideas in Starting the Enterprise

How to get started has always been a significant barrier for those enthusiasts who wanted to raise native chicken for commercial purposes. You can use the ideas in this video to prepare your thoughts for what to do. For more information, you can click the button below and the video, respectively.


Are you a researcher who is restricted by the lack of laboratory resources at your institution? After years of research, the Central Philippine University Research Station for Philippine Native Chicken was able to secure the facilities and equipment essential for the conduct of studies concentrating on microbial, genetic, and product development. These are kept at the CPU Campus' Research Center for Product Development. Please click the button below if renting or tolling is of interest to you.

Reference Materials

Reference materials are created from the various studies carried out at the Central Philippine University Research Station for Philippine Native Chicken. The raisers could have it in a convenient format that they could read, watch, and listen to. Would you like to access it? These reference materials complement the existing documentation we have in our various e-media platforms. 

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Are you in a dilemma about where to buy the necessary production inputs and other products you needed? Please click the button below.